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1990 Boy's Basketball Sectional Champions

Forest Park vs Jasper - Sectional Championship

30 seconds left; With celebration 


1990 Boys Basketball Sectional Champions

Seated: Bob Boehman, Brian Partenheimer, Brian Doutaz, Kory Klem, Greg Sicard, Nate Schuler

Row 2: Tara Uebelhor Manager, Ryan Fleck, Kurt Brinkman, Mike Knies, Brent Lane, Jason Burger, Vince Sermersheim, Charlie Wagner Manager

Row 3: Eugene Keusch - Assistant Principal, James Hagedorn - Principal, Jim Hubers - Athletic Director, Jim Mehling - Assistant Coach, Tom Beach - Assistant Coach, Denny Doutaz - Head Coach 

For 38 years, Forest Park boys basketball teams went without capturing a sectional title. The team of 1989-1990 had the capability and showed the determination to create history. As an Assistant Coach for the season, Jim Mehling, says that the one thing that sticks in his mind is the great competitiveness of the players on that team. Mike Knies, Brent Lane, Brian Doutaz, Jay Burger, Ryan Fleck, Curt Brinkman, Nate Schuler, and he is sure he is missing a few, were all fierce competitors. They took the persona of their coach, Denny Doutaz. Denny was an outstanding, fiery coach and his players played the way he coached. They were all fundamentally sound, as Denny would have it no other way. A few individual traits from these players would include that Mike Knies always played with grit and determination. He was a fantastic rebounder for a guy who was not that tall, and was an excellent scorer inside too. Brent Lane was an excellent scorer but could get in trouble from coach for not always taking the best shot. Brent was easy going and deceptively quick. Jay Burger was also very quick and an outstanding athlete. Ryan Fleck “steady as she goes” did whatever that was needed to be done. He worked extremely hard at practice and in games. Brian Doutaz was a coach on the floor, because his dad was the coach, he wasn't afraid to get in other players faces if that's what he thought was needed. Kurt Brinkman was another totally unselfish player, he has a soft high arching shot from the outside. When we asked Jim about the practices, he says that Coach Doutaz always had practice plans that were down to the minute. He had his finger on everything that was going on every minute of practice. Everything was competitive, and everything was kept track of. Every drill you counted how many shots you made, how many times you rebounded, and how many passes before you shot the ball. You name it, he tracked it. One more thing, he remembers about Coach Doutaz, was how prepared he was for every game. Jim Mehling has taken this lesson of being prepared and has carried it on throughout his life. He believes preparation is essential to give you the best chance of success, on and off the playing field. Jim Mehling states that there were a lot of great moments for this team because they were always battling and scrapping.  They probably were not the most talented of the sectional champions but they always left everything on the court.

Sectional Championship Game: Forest Park 55, Jasper 42

Record: 15-8

Link to an Article Over the Sectional Win:

Where the Players are Now 

Jason Burger #32

Career: Best Chairs

Wife: Sarah (Dilger)


Residence: Ferdinand, Indiana

Brent Lane #42 

Career: DMI 

Wife: Bonnie (Schepers)

Children: 2

Residence: Birdseye, Indiana

Vince Sermersheim #24 

Career: Co-Owner Hammer Down Haulin 

Wife: Jennifer (Schaefer)

Residence: Huntingburg, Indiana

Michael Knies #52

Career: Best Chairs 

Wife: Beth (Ficker)


Residence: Ferdinand, Indiana

Kurt Brinkman #14

Career: IT Sr. Manager

Wife: Jeni (Townzen)

Children: 2

Residence: Ferdinand, Indiana

Ryan Fleck #34

Career: Accountant 

Residence: Ferdinand, Indiana

Kory Klem #10

Career: Independent Consoltant at Norte Dame 

Residence: Beverly Hills, CA

Brian Doutaz #12

Career: Chemical Reactor Operator 

Wife: Allison 

Children: 1

Residence: Brandenburg, Kentucky

Brian Partenheimer #44

Career: BP Sales

Wife: Kris (Oeding) 

Children: 3

Residence: Ferdinand, Indiana

Nate Schuler #30 

Career: Spencer Industries 

Wife: Vicki (Fest) 

Children: 2 

Residence: Ferdinand, Indiana

Bob Boehman #20

Career: Principal-Ben Davis School 

Wife: Tina (Oaks) 

Children: 4

Residence: Avon, Indiana

Greg Sicard #22

Career: Best Chairs 

Wife: Jill (Sermersheim) 

Children: 2

Residence: Ferdinand, Indiana

Charlie Wagner - Manager 

Career: National Guard

Wife: Sharon 

Children: 2

Residence: Muncie, Indiana

Tara Bayse (Uebelhor) Manager


Hunsband: Jim

Residence: Indianapolis, Indiana

Denny Doutaz: Retired

Jim Mehling: Principal at Forest Park

Tom Beach: Coaching at Anderson College