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2005 Forest Park Boys Basketball State Champs

Forest Park Boys Basketball 

2005 2A State Champions

Front Row: Shay Wendholt, Aubrey James, Paige Luebbehusen, Abbey Fleck, Whitney Nord, Emily Hildenbrand, Lindsay Hoffman, Brooke Hessig

Middle Row: Tim James, Matt Atkins, Nathan Allen, David Welp, Jace Hasenour, Mike Foerster, Curt Bromm

Back Row: Superintendent Bob Johnson, Head Coach Tom Beach, JV Coach Matt Sisley, Brett Schlachter, Brandon Hopf, Brad Weyer, Clint Hopf, Kyle Schroering, Assistant Coach Phil Winkler, Athletic Director Doug Louden, Freshman Coach Nate Hawkins, Vice Principal Jim Mehling, Principal Jeff Jessee

Coaches: Tom Beach, Josh Sussott, Matt Sisley, Nate Hawkins


Record: 23-4


Accomplisments: Sectional, Regional, Semi-State, and State Champions

Individual Record during 2005 2A State Championship Game: Brandon Hopf: 16 RB, 27 Points



The Forest Park Rangers had a very successful season during the 2004/05 school year. Their season record was 23-4, a pretty impressive record to uphold. The Rangers were able to win Sectionals over Southridge, Regionals over Austin, Semi-State over Knightstown, and defeated Harding at State during this season. Coach Tom Beach was the coach for 2004/05 season. He explained the state championship game: “Harding has a great team. Coach Gooden does an outstanding job. He has a lot of experience of being down here. But, they are a young team…a lot like us with size, quickness and shooters, but we thought we were better. We just had to prove it.”

We interviewed one of the players over their experience as a team member of the State Champion Team. We were able to interview David Welp, #10, starting shooting guard for the Rangers at that time. We asked Welp, what position did you play, and his response was: “I played the 2 position at shooting guard.” Welp was asked his most memorable moment from that season and why: “Winning state was the most memorable moment because it was a very big accomplishment.” He also talked about his favorite game from the season: “The most memorable game was the Knightstown Semistate game where we only won by three points. It was a very exciting and up-tempo game.” As the Knightstown game was a tight and very near scoring game we asked Welp if there was any time during the game that he thought they were going to lose, his response was: “No, the Knightstown game was scary, but I felt we would still win.”

To become a good team, the players have to work well together. They have to have good chemistry with each other and be able to compete with each other in tough situations. We ask Welp what his team was like and if they had good chemistry. Welp replied with much gratitude: “Great team chemistry, everyone loved playing together. We played together in 5th grade and were always together. Everyone was friends with each other. When we came to high school, we had different classes and saw each other less, but still managed to hang out. My teammates were my friends.”  When asked if Welp could go back and change anything from that game his reply was: “I can’t think of anything in specific I would do differently.” As the interview was finished up and came to a close, Welp was asked if there were any stories from the team this year that the coaches didn’t know. Welp replied, “No” with a very mischievous smirk across his face. It was obviously a team secret that he had to keep.

ResourceSmall Amount of Game Footage

Where Are the Players Now (As of May 2015)

Matt Atkins #20

Service: Army

Career: Special Forces/ Green Beret

Wife: Taryn (Brelage)

Residence: Fountain, CO


Brett Schlachter #30

College: Ball State

Career: Landscape Architect

Friend: Alyssa (Landis)

Residence, Indianapolis, IN


Mike Foerster #10

College: Marian University

Career: Demand Planner (OFS)

Wife: Kendra (Steffen)

Children: Paisley

Residence: St. Anthony, IN


Jace Hasenour #32

College: University of Southern Indiana

Career: Environmental Education

Wife: Dani (Glick)

Residence: Indianapolis, IN


Brandon Hopf #40

College: University of Southern Indiana, Oakland City

Career: Purchasing Agent (OFS) 


Residence: Huntingburg, IN


Kyle Schroering #34

College: Wabash College, Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine

Career: Emergency Medicine Physician

Wife: Amanda (Ikerd)

Residence: Charleston, WV


Tim James #14

College: University of Evansville 

Career: Physical Therapist

Fiance: Sarah (Young)

Residence: Evansville, IN


David Welp #12

College: Kentucky Wesleyan College

Career: FP Vice Principal/Teacher

Wife: Aubrey (James)

Residence: Ferdinand, IN


Clint Hopf #52

College: University of Evansville

Career: Grain Farmer

Wife: Nicole (Loehr)

Residence: Holland, IN


Nathan Allen #22

College: Ball State University

Service: Indiana National Guard

Career: Logistics (Jasper Engines)

Friend: Lindsay (Hoffman)

Children: Expecting His First

Residence: Santa Claus, IN


Brad Weyer, Manager

College: Indiana University

Career: FP Teacher (German)


Residence: Ferdinand, IN


Lucas Kluemper, Mananger

College: ITT

Career: IT (Best Chairs)

Friend: Jennifer (Williams)

Residence: Ferdinand, IN


Curt Bromm, Manager

College: Indiana State University

Career: Accountant

Wife: Jordan (Snoddy)

Residence: Indianapolis, IN


Matthew Luebbehusen, Manager

College: Purdue University

Career: Cummins

Wife: Leslie (Gehlhausen)

Residence: Walton, KY


Tom Beach-Assistant Men's Basketball Coach-Anderson College

Matt Sisley-Head Coach-Heritage Hills High School

Josh Susott-Principal-Tecumseh High School

Nathan Hawkins-WinElectric

Phil Winkler-Assistant Varsity-Coach Forest Park High School


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