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2006 Boys State Basketball Team


The 2006 Boys State Basketball team acomplished the impossible.  They won back to back state championships.  The team was led by Clint and Brandon Hopf.  The cousins dominated underneath, leading the team through the season.  Clint Hopf scored 20 points and grabbed 10 rebounds in the state game.  He also won MVP honors.  Brandon Hopf scored 17 points and pulled down 14 rebounds.  David Welp played 2 (shooting guard) and  3 (small forward) on the team.  He said the most memorable moment of the whole season was winning the state championship.  David said there wasn't a single moment during the state game that he thought they would lose.  The team had been tested before and always pulled through.  David said the team had great chemistry.  They were all good friends on and off of the court.  Brandon Hopf said the most memorable moment of the season for him was hitting 2 free throws in the state game to seal the victory.  He also said the most memorable game of the season was beating Jasper by over 20 and seeing the fans leave the court.  Brandon said the only thing he would have done differently was work harder so that he could have won the State Championship his freshman and sophomore years.


TEAM MEMBERS: Seve Beach, Jordan Hoppenjans, Jordon Johnson, Tim James, Nathan Allen, David Welp, Jace Hasenour, Beau Troesch, Curt Bromm, Brian Rahman, Kyle Schroering, Clint Hopf, Brandon Hopf, Michael Foster

COACHES: Tom Beach- Head coach, Matt Sisley- Junior Varsity Coach, Josh Susott- Varsity Assistant, Nate Hawkins- Freshman Coach




Famous Quotes from Coach Tom Beach:

“Our big men (Hopf & Hopf) were great underneath.  In addition, our guards were able to get them the ball.”

“These six seniors have been leaders all year.  When you play in a state tournament you want to win a state championship…these guys did it twice.”

“Every state championship is great.  Harding made it tough on us.  They have a great team.  But our guys were just a little bit better.”

2006 IHSAA 2A State Championship Game