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2012 Soccer Sectional Champs

2012 Soccer Team Members:

Row 4: Brent Sicard (Head Coach), Jim Mehling (asst. principal in 2012), Jeff Jessee (principal in 2012), Doug Louden (Athletic Director), Florian Schmucker (asst. coach), Aaron Trafton (asst. coach)

Row 3: Derek Hoffman #27, Aaron Schuler #26, Cody Tempel #23, Max Rickelman #11, Dakota Begle #8, Cole Henke # 5, Ben Englert #1, Austin Berger #18

Row 2: Joel Weyer # 24, Kyle Lubbehusen #31, Spenser Sermersheim #33, Blake Altmann #0, Adam Braunecker #10, Landon Fleck #3, Kyle Fleck #14

Row 1: Alex Russell #2, Cody Flamion #28, Brandon Luebbehusen #30, Amy Bockelman (Manager), Austin Bromm #20, Miles Recker #25, Sam Russell #9


The 2012 soccer team was an extraordinary group of men on and off the field. They worked and earned that title with the long practices leading up to the games. According to the players, they left it all on the field throughout the season. When asked what they remembered about the team Derek Hoffman responded with a smirk and mentioned "that was a good year" and another teammate (Spenser Sermersheim) responded with "good year, good team" and he also mentioned that he misses some of the players and the assistants/coaches. The pictures show that this group of men loved the game and each other (especially when Kyle Lubbehusen hit the winning goal in the sectional game against Washington Catholic) and the pictures show that the men left all they had on the field and gave it all they had in these final moments of their soccer careers.  Therefore, all the players and coaches deserve recognition for all their effort and work they put into the team throughout the preseason and regular season of 2012.


The players have moved on with their lives now, of course. They are all preparing or beginning their careers & some are even beginning building their own families.

Here is a list showing what each player is doing with their lives as of 2016:
Cody Flamion Works at Holiday World Studies at University of Southern Indiana
Alex Russell Works at Jasper Memorial Hospital  
Brandon Luebbehusen Studies at Indiana University  
Austin Bromm Works at Hudson Inc. (Parts Specialist) Excavator operator at Mark Bromm Excavating  
Miles Recker Owner at and B&M Detailing Studies at University of Southern Indiana  
Sam Russell Works at Holiday World  
Joel Weyer Works at Weyer Electric Studies at Indiana State University
Kyle Lubbehusen Helps coach the Forest Park Boys Soccer Team Recently became engaged  
Spenser Sermersheim Works at St. Anthony Feed Mill  
Blake Altmann Studies at University of Louisville  
Adam Braunecker Studies at Indiana State University  
Landon Fleck Senior at Forest Park, with plans of joining U.S Army  
Kyle Fleck Farmer at Darrell Auffarts Expecting a child soon  
Derek Hoffman Works at Pund’s Plumbing and Heating  
Aaron Schuler Studies at Walbash College  
Cody Tempel Works at General Electric (engineer) Studied at Purdue University  
Max Rickelman Works at C&T Poultry Studies Electronics At Vincennes University  
Dakota Begle Works at Holiday World Studies at Purdue University  
Cole Henke Works with Real Estate (Renovation)  
Ben Englert Studies at Rose - Hulsman Institute of Technology  
Austin Berger Senior at Forest Park, with plans of joining U.S Army  

 Last updated on April 10th, 2016


Teammates go crazy after Kyle Lubbehusen hits the winning goal against

Washington Catholic to win the sectional  championship game.


The Forest Park Rangers are the 2012 Soccer Sectional Champs


We are the champions, my friends



Photos Courtesy of The Herald & Ferdinand News