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2018 Boys Basketball State Runner-Up

Runner-up Trophy Presentation

State Gameplay (Small Clip of the Game)

Starting Line up for the State game: Daniel Lusk PG, Collin Hochesang SG, Isaac Uebehlor SF,Curt Hopf PF, Sam Englert C.


Forest Park Basketball team player names:

Reid Steffe, Isaac Uebelhor,Daniel Lusk,Garrett Betz,Sam Englert

Collin Hochesang,Curt Hopf, Elliot Rothgerber, Aaron Hurst, Simon Jacob, Braydon Voegerl, Noah Fleck. 

Coach: Jeff Litherland 

Forest Park started off the game not as strong as the team normally played. FP was not hitting very many shots or free 

throws either. Oak Hill came out very strong and had a better shooting percentage overall. FP only needed a little more

energy to pull through the game, as in one point during the game FP and Oak Hill were tied. Oak Hill started to gain an advantage throughout the second half of the game. This would lead Oak Hill to defeating FP with a final score of 56-44. 

Leading Scorers for FP Rangers: Curt Hopf - 10 points, Sam Englert - 8 points

Collin Hochesang (FP Senior) receieve the Mental Attitude Award after the game. This was a big acomplishment for him and a memerable experience.

Collin Hochesang